Friday, May 8, 2015

Just Blocks—finished

Monday I quilted both of the Just Blocks quilts.  The twin size for my customer was quilted using an edge-to-edge design, but the lap, since it was MY quilt,  I quilted all by myself.  It didn’t turn out too bad, if you don’t look too close.  I did swirls, loops, wavy lines, and once in a while I threw in a leaf.  Although, I think you’d have to be told it was a leaf—they’re not too good.  I definitely need more practice!!  Thank goodness, the fabric is busy enough that the mistakes don’t show, much.

This is the twin size with the “Fallscape” fabric.

001 Just Blocks-twin006 Just Blocks-twin


And the lap size


010 Just Blocks-lap012 Just Blocks-lap


I was getting the pattern up on Craftsy this morning, when the size I put on the pattern didn’t sound right.  I did some checking (the quilt is already hanging at the Creamery), and I put the wrong size.  I quickly changed it and redid the pdf.  I had sent it to Quilt Woman last night, so I had to send a correction to them.  Hopefully, the corrected pattern arrived before they did anything with the first one.

It’s a dreary day today, but we did get some much needed rain yesterday. The grass is green, leaves are coming on the trees.  The scillas, bleeding heart, and violets are blooming.  There are buds on my white lilac, this will be the first year it blooms.  I’ve been using chives.  I have the potatoes cut and ready to be planted.  The calla lilies are sprouting.  There wasn’t enough gas in the tractor to till last Saturday, which would have been the perfect day for planting garden.  Now I have the garden tilled, but haven’t been able to plant.  I heard that four letter S word for next week, so maybe not planting is a good idea.  At least if we do get snow, it won’t last.

Enough for today!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Almost a finish

I’ve been working on the Fallscape quilt.  I have it all pieced, now just waiting to get it quilted.



This is a closer view of the fabrics.


I’m doing it as a pattern, and I decided I wanted to do a lap size, too. I played around in EQ, checking to see what fabrics I’ve used in the past. At the Creamery I knew we still had some of one outdoorsy line featuring Minnesota, and came up with a fabric layout I liked. image I determined how much I would need.  

When I worked on Saturday, the first thing I did was check out my fabric.  There was nothing left of the larger scale prints, only a couple of fat quarters of two.  I picked out one of each, one with the state centered, the other with a loon almost centered.  There was plenty of striped fabric, which I will use as a mitered border.

Yesterday I dug through my scraps. I already had the lady slipper fabric, left over from something else.  The same with the other wild life.  I dug some more and found some leaves.  I also used what was left from trimming down the two fat quarters.


I almost had enough of the black, but not quite—I need another 3” for the center section.  Tomorrow I’ll go get another eighth yard, and then I can finish.  I started to cut the border fabric, then decided to work on the pattern.

Other than the two fat quarters, frame fabric and border, this is a completely scrappy quilt.  It’s so nice to use up some of the fabric I love!   

Monday, April 20, 2015


When I worked at the Creamery a week and half ago, I put together kits for a wallhanging using a panel and a several fabrics from the line.  It’s Fallscape from Red Rooster.  It is gorgeous!  One of my customers was coming to pick up something I had finished for her.  I showed the panel to her, and she loved it.  She wanted to make a quilt for her daughter for Christmas, rather than a wallhanging.  I spent last week working on a pattern to utilize the whole panel rather than just one of the pictures.  Today I started sewing it—it is so pretty!  I’m thinking I’m going to have to have one of the panels myself…

This is from EQ:


Our snow is gone, but it might be white out in the morning—we’ve had flurries off and on for the past few hours.  Last week was absolutely beautiful.  I hung clothes out (oh, the sheets smelled so good that night!), I cleaned out the flower beds along the house, I hauled the leaves away from the wellhouse to mulch the area where we planted future Christmas trees a year ago.  I started to clean out last years’ old raspberry canes, but decided to wait until this years’ start leafing out, so it’s easier to see which is dead and which is still growing.

And now it’s bedtime!

Monday, April 6, 2015

A quilt finish

Last week I finished making two throw pillow covers to match the graduation photo quilt which I finished the week before.

The fronts I quilted with the walking foot.  First I made the block, stitched around the black, framing the prints.  Then I sewed- and-flipped the four borders. DSC01803

For the back I quilted the curvy lines with the walking foot. DSC01804  These are made to fit a 16” pillow form.  The flange is about an inch and a half.

This is the quilt DSC01798DSC01800

I also pieced the back.DSC01801

Part of the piecing was intentional, part was necessary.  I had plenty of fabric left from the front.  The intent was to piece in between two widths of fabric to make it long enough.  I bought the enough fabric to run it with length going across the width of the top.  Once I got it home and started with it, I realized I should have gotten another third of a yard—it was too short to reach across.  So I pieced in running the length also.  So much for my measuring…

This is the quilting design the customer picked out.  DSC01806 I’ve used this design before, but it didn’t want to cooperate this time.  At first it was breaking thread a lot.  Janelle worked with it and got it to where it only broke at one particular part of the design.  It starts with the top line at the left where the five lines are together at a point.  It swerves over to the right, stitching the notes where they come in.  Second line goes from the point at the right over to the left point.  Third line is stitched to the right.  The fourth is to the left, and that’s where it would break, about 6 to 8 inches from the left point.  I’m thankful that it only broke there, but there were lots of thread ends to take care of!

Today I hope to finish quilting a tablerunner using the leftover fabric from the king size quilt I finished last month.  And now I need to get back to it.  I worked on it on Saturday.  I’m doing feathers on the side border, which is dark fabric.  The blocks are mostly light fabrics and I used cream thread.  When I started the feathers I forgot to change thread.  And with my free motion ability, I needed the thread to blend in, not show up.  So after ripping I’m ready to get back at it with the correct color of thread. 

And I better get at that!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Embroidered blocks

I pieced together two more sets of six embroidered blocks.  I took pictures to show the steps I took to do it.

First of all is to square up all the blocks to the same size.  The blocks I’ve done have varied in size, usually they are around 17” squares.

I check to see how big I can go.  In this case I could go 3/4” beyond the stitches on two adjacent sides.DSC01731 

I used my 15” square ruler and with 2” on another ruler to cut 17” squares.

DSC01728 DSC01729DSC01730 DSC01732DSC01739 DSC01742DSC01743 DSC01744

I end up with lots of narrow strips.  I’ve been gathering them up to use in the garden for tying up tomatoes and whatever else that needs it. DSC01745 DSC01746DSC01747

Once I have all the blocks cut to size I start with the sashing and cornerstones.  For these blocks I cut two 17” (the cut size of the blocks) x WOF strips of the sashing fabric and two 4” x WOF strips of cornerstone fabrics.

From one of the sashing strips I cut six 4” x 17” segments, and sewed them to the right side of all blocks,DSC01751 When I came to the end of the block/sashing, I butted the next one right up to it and kept sewing.DSC01749

I pressed to the sashing. DSC01754 DSC01755

Next, I sewed a cornerstone strip to the remaining sashing strip. I pressed to sashing. From these I cut ten 4” segments.  DSC01756 DSC01757

These I sewed to the top of all blocks,DSC01758 and the bottom of the blocks that would be the bottom row of the quilt. These I pressed to swirl the seam allowancesDSC01763 DSC01763

The remaining two sashing/cornerstone segments go on the left side of two blocks that are on the left side of the quilt.  Here are the blocks laid out on the table, with sashing/cornerstones on the right of all blocks, top of all blocks, and the bottom of the bottom two blocks. DSC01764 

I sewed the final two sashing/cornerstones to the left side of the top two blocks.  I cut two more cornerstones from the remaining 4” WOF strip and one more sashing from the remaining sashing fabric.  The cornerstones go on each end of the sashing strip and that goes onto the left bottom block.  Then it’s simply sewing the blocks together.   I sewed the right blocks onto the block to the left, then sewed those pairs together.  I was able to swirl all seam allowances.  That helps to eliminate bulk.

These two quilts I will quilt on the longarm, no lines to follow so I’ll do an edge-to-edge on them.  I’ll post pictures of them then.

Spring may be here—it’s nice and sunny today, I think it’s almost 60° F, with warmer forecast for tomorrow.  A year ago we had a thunderstorm—none in sight today.  March came in not too bad, not really a lion, so I was expecting bad weather today. But today is definitely a lamb.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Two Embroidered blocks quilts

I put together two quilts with six embroidered in each.  They are very simple quilts, with sashing and cornerstones.  One with butterflies:    DSC01712


and one with flowers:  DSC01718

I stitched-in-the-ditch around the sashing and cornerstones.  Both sets have lines that she didn’t embroider, and wanted those lines quilted, rather than having and edge-to-edge quilting design.  The butterflies had a curvy line close to the edge of the block:

DSC01714  Since that wouldn’t be enough quilting for a 17” block, so I quilting around the butterfly also: DSC01716  I hadn’t intended to quilt around the antenna, but once I got there, I knew I needed to:  DSC01715  There are flowers in each corner: DSC01717  All six blocks are the same. 

The second one has flower blocks:  DSC01718  There are two of each color, blue: DSC01719

purple:  DSC01722

and yellow: DSC01723















The quilting echoed around the outer edge of the flower:  DSC01721


and the center: DSC01720

A view from the back:   DSC01725DSC01727

The customer will be picking them up today, and I think she’ll be pleased with them.  She’s making quilts for all her grandchildren.  I’ve made several of them in the past, and she’s working on more.

Hope you all have a great day!  (especially the hearts2hands retreaters)