Friday, March 23, 2012


This is what I did on a tablerunner the other day.


I used a variegated green thread, but it doesn’t show up very well.  I tried different camera settings, but just couldn’t get a good pic of the stitches, especially on the flowers.  It didn’t look too bad, of course there’s always room for improvement.  Thinking back to last month, the feathers were much easier for me.  Who’d’ve thunk?!?

For quite some time I haven’t been lowering my feed dogs, I just set the stitch length to ‘0’.  Some of my stitches seemed not too smooth, and I decided to see if lowering the feed dogs would smooth them out.  It only took a few inches to remember why I don’t lower them.  I was having a lot of problems with the needle thread catching on the feed dogs underneath the throat plate (is that what it’s called???)  When I leave the feed dogs up, I have no problem.  So, it’s feed dogs up for me!

Our snow is all gone, piles, in the shade—ALL of it.  It’s very foggy this morning again.  We’ve had a thunderstorm and rain, temps in the 70’s F.  I still expect a good size snowfall, it is only March. 

There are about 25-30 wild turkeys out my window right now.  We’ve been seeing more of them since the weather warmed up. 

I haven’t seen any of the scillas blooming yet, but I did put leaves along the house where they are, so maybe they just haven’t managed to poke their way up.  Dandelions have managed to make there appearance, though.

Now I need to get back to working on a t-shirt quilt.  I need to finish it in the next couple of weeks—I’m hoping to get it done in a few days.

I guess I won’t be hanging clothes out today, it won’t be a good drying day.   The radio is predicting rain and maybe a thunderstorm later today.

Have a good day!

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