Saturday, May 5, 2012

Loopy Knots tablerunner

That’s the name of the block I started with,image but the knots are gone.image

I started this tablerunner about a month ago, designing it in EQ7, and typing up the steps in Word.  Somehow, somewhere along the line, the pj7 file disappeared.  Fortunately, the Word file didn’t—it was much easier to recreate the pj7 than it would have been to try to remember all the steps in sewing it together.

Finally, yesterday I got back to working on it.  I finished piecing it, and quilted the center block, using one of Leah Day’s designs—for inspiration anyway.  I’m not too sure how close I came to her design, but I like it.  I have been having so much fun with the free motion challenges this year.  I’ve gained so much self-confidence, and some skill.  Six months ago I probably would have just chalked my curvy lines and used the walking foot to quilt them. 

I did chalk lines today, but that’s because I have this thing about symmetry and balance.  I want to do it in free motion, but I do want it somewhat even and balanced.  When I did the center, I chalked line through the center both ways, and both diagonals, and marked a set distance from the center point in two spots along each line.  Once I started, symmetry went out the window.  But I’m pleased with the result.

Now I’m just starting on the spine of the feathers that will go along the outer edge of the tablerunner, and reach in to fill around the center.  I’ll post pics when I’m all done.

Back to work!  No, back to FUN!

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